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365 Movies in 365 Days

A couple of weeks ago I decided to join the Doug Loves Movies community and embark on a journey of epic proportions. I am referring of course to the #365Movies in #365Days #DLMChallenge. I'm attempting to do this solely by seeing movies I've never seen before, or have never intentionally sat down to watch from beginning to end. Besides making the time to watch all these movies with work, going to the gym and having some semblance of a social life; I think the hardest part will limiting it to movies that fit this criteria. I have been tweeting out the number movie I'm on, as well as a very short review (140 Characters isn't much to work with when you have those 3 hashtags) every time I finish a movie (@PatP55). However, I wanted to start getting a little more in depth with these reviews and get past just being snarky/quippy. I'm trying to watch movies that interest me, but when you have to watch this many, there are bound to be a few stinkers. I will note the medium I watch the movie in with each post so that you can try and find it if the movie interests you. That's all for now, if you're ready this, welcome to the journey.


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