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Number 23: 21 & Over

21 & Over (2013)

Runtime: 93 min

Starring: Miles Teller, Skylar Austin, Justin Chon

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 27%

Lifetime Box Office Gross: $25.6M domestic, $22.3M foreign

Budget: $13M

With Miles Teller getting tons of hype for his performance in "Whiplash" (that movie is definitely on the must see list), and the recently released "Fantastic Four" trailer; I decided to check out one of his earlier films. "21 & Over" also stars Skylar Austin, from "Pitch Perfect," and Justin Chon, who is only referred to by his charactered full name (a bit I thought was hilarious).


I'll have to check out "Project X" and "The Spectacular Now" but it seems like this is the where Miles Teller developed the quick witted asshole schtick that shows up in later films like "That Awkward Moment" and "Two Night Stand." He seems like he is trying to be a younger, slightly less puffy Vince Vaughn, and it actually works. I think he is hilarious in this

The basic plot of the movie is that Teller(Miller), Austin(Casey) and Chon(Jeff Chang) are best friends from high school. Miller and Casey come to visit Jeff Chang at college to take him out for his 21st birthday, which happens to be the night before an important med school interview. Hilarity ensues. Of course Jeff Chang gets wayy too drunk and does a host of stupid things including but not limited to

  • Throwing a dart throw a bro's cheek
  • Standing on top of the bar and pissing on everyone in the bar
  • Puking on a crowd while riding a mechanical bull
  • Confusing and tampon for candy, and eating it

The last one legitimately almost made me puke. The movie continues with a series of misadventures that are somewhat predictable, but still fun. There is a hilariously stupid and obnoxious cheerleader bad guy (cheek through which the dart was thrown), and it wouldn't be a college movie without a few gratuitous boob shots (Nice!).


Despite the modest Rotten Tomatoes score I thought this movie was lots of fun. It takes a slightly serious turn as the three friends begin to realize that things have changed a lot since their high school days, and they may not be as close as they thought they were. Get drunk and check it out.


Justin Chon was actually 10 years old than his character at the time of the film's release. Is there nothing sacred in Hollywood!?!

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