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Number 24: Rushmore

Rushmore (1998)

Runtime: 93 min (Showtime On-Demand)

Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray,

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 89%

Lifetime Box Office Gross: $17.1M Domestic

Budget: $11M

I checked this movie out based off of how much I liked "The Grand Budapest Hotel." As I mentioned in my post about that movie, I haven't really watched many Wes Anderson movies. It's kind of how you say you don't like asparagus, but you've never tried it as an adult. Wes Anderson films are my asparagus. And now I really like asparagus. The main difference is that so far, watching them hasn't made my pee smell funny. At least as far as I can tell.


Watching two Wes Anderson films in such a short period of time gave me a chance to appreciate his distinctive style. It's pretty easy to tell if you're watching a Wes Anderson film in the first five minutes, and without even looking at the opening credits. He likes to use many of the same actors, employs title cards, tracking shots, and patterning with set design and wardrobe, to name a few.

Rushmore follows an overachieving high schooler (Schwartzman) at the Rushmore Academy, a prestigious private school, who falls for an older teacher. He befriends the father of two fellow students (Murray), who later becomes his romantic rival when he attempts to woo his teacher. I don't think I've ever liked Bill Murray more than in this movie. He is absolutely hilarious and totally pitiful. Jason Schwartzman is a hilarious like shit who you almost feel bad for, even when he is doing painfully petulant things. I especially loved the scenes where he stages plays based off of classic movies.

Rushmore has a very quirky sense of humor that you either love or hate. This movie isn't as mesmerizing visually as "The Grand Budapest," but I think watching Murray do his thing more than makes up for the low key style. 2 Wes Anderson films down, 2 wholehearted recommendations. Find a way to watch this.


Bill Murray's character wears the same suit throughout the entire film. He just changes his shirt and tie, which are always the same color as each other.

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