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Two Months Down - Ten To Go

So unfortunately, my lofty aspirations have proven too difficult to achieve. Getting busy at work, coupled with attempting to maintain a personal life have gotten in the way of watching this many movies, and composing meaningful reviews. I have managed to keep up my viewing count, but I've fallen woefully behind with this blog. Thankfully, the conciseness of Twitter has been a useful outlet during this hectic period.

Anyway, for those keeping track (besides me, myself and I) here is the list as it stands today. I'm slightly behind but I'm confident a couple of lazy weekend days should allow me to catch up.

  1. The One I love
  2. A Most Violent Year
  3. Happy Christmas
  4. The Burbs
  5. Under The Skin
  6. Midnight Cowboy
  7. Man of Tai Chi
  8. In A World
  9. I Know That Voice
  10. Frank
  11. The Other Woman
  12. Women Aren't Funny
  13. The Graduate
  14. Justice League Doom
  15. Inherent Vice
  16. American Sniper
  17. I, Frankenstein
  18. The Interview
  19. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  20. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
  21. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
  22. Mud
  23. 21 and Over
  24. Rushmore
  25. Mad Max
  26. The Counselor
  27. Fruitvale Station
  28. Her
  29. Chef
  30. Frances Ha
  31. Fat, Sick and Nearly dead
  32. Headhunters
  33. Obvious child
  34. Bottle rocket
  35. GI joe: retaliation
  36. Horns
  37. The Trip
  38. Tucker and Dale vs Evil
  39. Generation Iron
  40. True Romance
  41. Full metal jacket
  42. Life after Beth
  43. Lee Daniel's The Butler
  44. Edge of Tomorrow
  45. Last Vegas
  46. A Walk Among The Tombstones
  47. Machete kills
  48. The Equalizer
  49. The fault in our stars
  50. Whiplash
  51. Non-Stop
  52. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  53. Fading Gigolo

For the time being, I'll keep updating the count and providing brief and hopefully comical reviews on Twitter @patp55. Follow if you fancy.


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